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It is not by chance that we are considered the #1 home builder in Lake Norman.

Home Builder in Lake Norman, North Carolina
Home Builders in Lake Norman
– There is nothing quite like the feeling of building memories in a home that you have had built to your exact requirements. Living in a home that is yours and yours alone means you don’t have to wonder what may have occurred in the home in the past. It is brand new, and every inch is built the way you planned. No two families have the exact same needs and sense of style, so a custom-built home gives you the opportunity to put each room where you want it and make it the size and shape you want it. In order to get the best results possible, the best home builder in Lake Norman to turn to is Chad Goodin Signature Homes.

It is not by chance that we are considered the #1 home builder in Lake Norman.

We have spent each and every one of our years in the area building relationships and providing attention to detail unmatched by any other home builder in Lake Norman. Whether you are considering a cozy retirement home, an average-sized home, or a mansion, you can count on us to make it the home of your dreams.

Each step of the process is given as much attention as it needs to ensure that nothing is left to chance. We begin by listening to what you want to accomplish and getting a basic concept plan started. We will listen carefully to make sure we have full comprehension of your vision and offer ideas that may improve upon what you are considering. You get the benefit of our years of experience, but we will never dampen your enthusiasm for what you desire.

When it comes to the location for your home, we will walk lots with you, so you obtain a property that will work for the home you have in mind. Our knowledge of setbacks, soil conditions, building codes in Lake Norman, NC and other contributing factors will be vital to your getting the perfect property for your home. We don’t care if that means we walk one lot with you or fifty of them because ultimately a home will only make you happy if it is on the right property.

The same care that is taken with selecting the property for your home is taken for every other step of the process. As the premiere home builder in Lake Norman, we have built relationships with architects and designers in order to provide the floor plan that meets all your needs. You will face plenty of questions about what you want because that is how we make sure you are going to be happy with the result. Our communication skills make us stand out from the crowd. We keep in touch regularly throughout the build rather than make assumptions that could be wrong.

The very last part of your project involves giving you the keys and letting you move in. Our dedication to making the entire process pleasant extends to moving day, as well. Since we know how busy that day is, we’ll make it a bit easier for you by providing a catered meal for you and your family, giving you one less thing to think about.

If you would like to know more about our services as a home builder in Lake Norman, give us a call. We would be happy to meet with you and answer your questions about our company and about the home building process.


At Chad Goodin Signature Homes, our home builders in Lake Norman proudly serve Lake NormanMooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville and the surrounding areas in North Carolina.