Custom Homes in Cornelius, North Carolina
One of the perks of building a custom home is that you get to pick all of the finishes. Although this can be exciting, we’ve seen many people building custom homes get overwhelmed by all of their options. To ensure you’re happy with the finishes you pick for years to come, here are some guidelines to follow during the selection process:

  • Don’t feel pressure to create perfection–As you look at model custom homes, you might feel like your new home has to look exactly like they do. However, keep in mind that these homes may have thousands of dollars of options invested in them, and having standard features in your house may create a different look.
  • Prepare a budget beforehand–Knowing how much you can spend on upgrades is the key to making beneficial decisions as you select finishes. Make sure that once you create this budget, you stick to it during the selection process.
  • Consider your needs and wants–Many people who build custom homes know what they want, but they don’t necessarily know what’s absolutely necessary. Sit down and make a list of features you aren’t willing to budge on, and ones that you don’t care about as much.
  • Think about resale value–Even if you plan to live in your custom home forever, there still might come a day when you decide to move. For this reason, try not to over-customize. While making your home reflect your personal style is great, don’t pick features that could make it difficult to sell.